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21.03.2019, 14:00 - 16:00, Konstanz

Contemporary Apprenticeship Reforms and Reconfigurations - 8th International INAP Conference

Vortragstitel: "Classifying apprenticeships in Europe: Towards a new conceptual framework for the changing notion of apprenticeship"

Comparative studies on ‘apprenticeships’ in Europe increasingly cover a variety of programmes previously not considered under this heading, which has led to new confusions. The paper explores the potential of a new, functional classification of apprenticeship schemes on the basis of their underpinning training logic. It is argued that the typology can serve as an explanatory framework for ongoing changes in apprenticeship and may be used for the identification of similarities and common challenges.

Vortrag gehalten von:

DI Dr. Jörg Markowitsch, Dr. Wolfgang Wittig


Universität Konstanz